If a District Has More Than One School Construction Bond,How Many CBOCs Should it Have?

FAQ 26

If a District Has More Than One School Construction Bond,

How Many CBOCs Should it Have?

There is no statutory requirement, but there can be significant advantages to all parties from having a single CBOC for all Prop. 39 school construction bond ballot measures.

First, CABOC – and many other knowledgeable entities – recommend that each district have a single, unified plan for its entire construction program, not a separate program for each bond ballot measure.  Also, it is generally best to have a single program management system under a unified manager and staff.  Having multiple CBOCs each reviewing these would be wasteful, both for the CBOCs and the district staff.

Second, it is not at all uncommon for individual projects to be funded from multiple sources, including more than one construction bond ballot measure.  Having, potentially, multiple CBOCs responsible for individual projects would also be wasteful – as would different CBOCs taking different approaches to how they operate.

Third, there are administrative and cost considerations for CBOCs including, but not limited to, putting together the meeting agenda packages, running the meetings and taking the minutes, maintaining the CBOC web site, and meetings and coordination with district Board members and district management.  Having two or three separate CBOCs would likely not double or triple this work, but it would undoubtedly increase it significantly over having just one CBOC for all.

Fourth, the purpose of CBOCs is to “inform the public” (Ed Code §15278.(b)).  If there were to be multiple CBOCs with multiple web sites and multiple annual reports to the public, members of the public and other interested parties would either have to review multiple sources of information or could wind up missing what they were looking for because they didn’t look in, or even know of, all the places that had information that they were looking for.

Fifth, if there is a single CBOC for all current – and future – construction bond ballot issues, the district and the district Board and top management would be more inclined to involve the CBOC as the new bond ballot measure is being formulated.