How Are CBOC Agendas Set?

FAQ 29

How Are CBOC Agendas Set?

The general rule is that agendas for almost all organizations are set by the Chair (or other title, such as President, of the entity; “Chair” will be used in this FAQ) of each organization, but each organization has some ability to establish its own procedures.

CABOC is aware of some K-12 and Community College Districts where the CBOC is essentially managed and operated by the District, rather than the CBOC, including where District administrators set the agenda with little or no input from the CBOC and its members.  CABOC recommends against such practices in the strongest possible terms.

CABOC recommends that the process for setting the agenda for each meeting be determined and approved by the CBOC members and memorialized in the CBOC Bylaws.  CABOC recommends that the following be considered:

  1. The final agenda will be ultimately determined by the Chair.
  2. The CBOC promulgates its preliminary meeting schedule for the year at least a month prior to the beginning of the new year.
  3. The CBOC develops a timetable for establishing agendas with specific responsibilities assigned and deadlines expressed in terms of days prior to the meeting.
  4. A specific staff person should be assigned responsibility for the administrative aspects of the agenda, including ensuring that inputs are received on a timely basis, the approval process is followed, and the agenda is properly posted in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, and the Agenda Package is properly prepared and distributed. A back-up person should be named if the primary is unavailable.
  5. Generally, most items to be agendized will be originated from the District. A District employee (with a back-up) should be named to coordinate and assemble all District agenda topics and agenda materials and providing same to the CBOC coordinator.
  6. The CBOC may wish to have a procedure where a CBOC member, or more than one CBOC member, could place an item on the agenda.
  7. The CBOC may wish to have a procedure where a Member of the public may request that an item be placed on the CBOC agenda subject to the approval of the CBOC Chair.

The CBOC Chair may consult with other CBOC members, and non-CBOC personnel as the Chair believes appropriate, as to the items to be placed on the agenda, extent of what will be discussed, timing, etc.  In such consultations, the Chair and other CBOC members must take care to comply with the provisions of the Brown Act, including keeping the number of members consulted less than a quorum and not establishing what could be considered a Standing Committee, such as an “Agenda Committee,” under the Brown Act.  Making sure that the agenda process is properly performed, and all legal and other requirements satisfied should be a main duty of the independent CBOC legal counsel.