Should CBOC Members Communicate With Each Other?

FAQ 32

Should CBOC Members Communicate With Each Other?

Of course – but CBOC members must understand the Brown Act and its requirements and prohibitions; all members should be well aware of the “open meeting” requirements of the Brown Act and should take care to be always in compliance, as is discussed elsewhere on this website.

Besides communications at announced meetings, it is perfectly proper and allowable for CBOC members to meet in person, make phone calls, e-mails, facsimiles, snail mails, use social media, etc., as long as such meetings, including “serial meetings” (member A talks to member B about a topic, then talks to member C about the same topic, etc.), do not amount to a quorum of the voting members.

Some amount of inter-member communication is normal and expected, such as the chair speaking with a new member or a committee chair, two members working on a motion that they plan to introduce for consideration at a future meeting, or am asking the chair for a staff report on a specific project or school.

Each CBOC is free to establish its practices through its Bylaws.  See FAQ 12.  (Some districts, governing boards, and superintendents improperly resist their CBOCs from setting their own bylaws.)