What Topics Could be on the CBOC Meeting Agenda?

FAQ 33

What Topics Could be on the CBOC Meeting Agenda?

This answer will discuss general requirements (Brown Act Open Meeting) and common topics.   Every CBOC will develop its way of planning and conducting its meetings.

While the open meeting requirement does not explicitly reference the Ralph M. Brown (Open Meeting) Act most school districts and CBOCs have interpreted the requirement to establish that CBOC public meetings should be noticed and held in accordance with Brown Act provisions.  CABOC agrees with this position.

Common Topics

  • Mission statement
  • Roll call
  • Approval of agenda
  • Approval of prior meeting minutes
  • Review vendor expenditures prior period (school/project, vendor, check number., check date, account code, invoice number, invoice date, amount, description) *
  • Review salary and fringe benefit expenditures prior period (name, title, amount) *
  • Review financial report prior period (object code by school/project, original budget, current budget, expenditures, commitments, budget balance) *
  • Review construction schedule (school/project, plan start date, actual start date, plan end date, the actual end date for each phase:  planning, design, procurement, construction)
  • Review CBOC members information request log
  • Agenda items for next meeting
  • Meeting schedule this year
  • Accept and review the annual financial audit report
  • Accept and review the annual performance audit report
  • Approve CBOC annual report
  • Cost-savings measureDeferred maintenance plan
  • Inspection of school facilities and grounds
  • Website review
  • Status of CBOC recommendations to School Board
  • Review of change orders
  • CBOC member attendance chart

*Level of detail to be determined by CBOC.