If Members Miss Excessive Meetings, who is Responsible for Securing Replacements?

FAQ 51

If Members Miss Excessive Meetings, who is Responsible

for Securing Replacements – Assuming that There are Standards

in the Bylaws Indicating When Members Become “Inactive”

Due to Excessive Absences?

If members consistently have attendance issues, the basic choices are to keep working on them to attend by every practical means or, if there are still problems, ask if they will resign.

The CBOC Chairperson can consult with members who have missed two meetings and inquire if the member intends to be active in the CBOC.  If the member does not agree to do so, the Chair may, as the Chair determines, request the member to resign.

There is little in the State statutes on the responsibility for recruiting CBOC members other than the requirement that all CBOC members must be appointed by the district governing board.  CABOC recommends that the CBOC and the district work together to develop a methodology to find, qualify, and appoint good candidates quickly when needed, using whatever appears worth doing for each district, including asking civic, business, senior citizen, taxpayer association, and PTA/Site Councils to nominate candidates.  Having a CBOC application on the District website is a best practice.

(See also FAQ 8., “What Can You Expect at CBOC Meetings?”)