What Does CABOC Recommend to Expedite the Annual Report?

FAQ 59

Are the Auditors Accountable to the CBOC As Well As the District?

The CBOC should develop an ongoing plan to research, write and publish an annual report to the public.  Planning will ease the completion of the only work product required of the CBOC.

The CBOC should not rely on the district to routinely write the CBOC’s Annual Report.  The best practice is for a CBOC Annual Report Subcommittee to be responsible for setting the schedule, soliciting volunteers to draft individual sections, reviewing drafts, and publishing the final document.

Each district has a statutory responsibility to provide technical assistance to the CBOC in this effort, so planning for this district assistance is necessary.  A template that includes specific annual report sections will make researching, writing, and publishing the report move more quickly and can be re-used each year. 

Additional “Reports to the Public” may be written and published periodically, should the CBOC feel it’s necessary.  Reporting to the public is the primary purpose of oversight committees.


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