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Course Description

This course describes finding additional training materials, information, and resources on the CABOC website.


CDIAC • California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission
2021 Fundamentals of Public Funds Investing – Welcoming Remarks

CDIAC • California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission
2021 Fundamentals of Public Funds Investing • SESSION 1

CDIAC • California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission
2021 Fundamentals of Public Funds Investing 
– Introduction to Public Funds Investing

CBOC Compliance Survey Results

Legislative Proposal

Conference Presentations on YouTube — YouTube video needs to be edited for Tom’s presentation
•  Memorandum of Understanding.  Bylaws by  Tom Rubin


Best Practices


FAQ 21. Does Proposition 39 require smaller class sizes??

FAQ 28. Must CBOC Members Be Residents of the District the School Construction Bonds Are Funding?

FAQ 30. May the CBOC Include Members Besides Those Appointed by the District Board?

FAQ 46. If the district is under state control and the board has no power, how does the CBOC operate efficiently?

FAQ 48. Where do we get training, workshops, and continuous training? Are there other workshops and/or conferences?

FAQ 49. Our CBOC is missing a taxpayer group member. Can we still meet without that person and add a member-at-large person?

FAQ 57. What is an MOU?

FAQ 60. Should Each CBOC Decide if it Wants a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)?

Legal Resources

California Legislative Information



Best Practices Bond Oversight Committees

Bond Audit Reports

Bond Directory

Bonds Clearinghouse

Certified Public Accountants

Corrupt Practices  35233

Conflict of Interest (Attorney General)

Conflict of Interest (Orange County)

Debt Financing Guide

Debt Training

Division of State Architect

Ed Code – Bond Oversight General Provisions 15264 – 15276

Ed Code – Citizens’ Oversight Committee 15278 – 15282

Ed Code – Bond Accountability 15284 – 15288

Evaluation of Bond Measures

Fiscal Procedures Manual

Grand Jury Civil 

Grand Jury Reports Index

Lease-Leaseback Arrangement

Lease Financing Considerations, CDIAC

Lease Financing Legal Foundations, CDIAC

Legal Codes

Legislative Bills

Little Hoover Commission 2017

Little Hoover Commission 2009 

Little Hoover Commission 1999 LAUSD

Little Hoover Commission’s Purpose

MOU Los Angeles USD and CBOC

Project Tracking (CA Grants)

Public Funds Advocate Bond Measure

Public Forum Law

Recommendations for Improvement

School Accounting Manual, Grades K-12

School Bond Study

State Audits CBOC

Strict Accountability in Local School Construction Act of 2000


Suggested Memorandum of Understanding Provisions

Long-Form MOU Between Board of Education and CBOC

CBOC Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Between Governing Board of School District or Community College

CalCPA SOC Auditor’s Perspective on Updated Compliance Audit Guide

CABOC Proposed Addition to 2022-2023 Guide for Annual Audits of K-12 Local Education Agencies and State Compliance Reporting

Capistrano Unified: A Case Study in Opposing Bad Bonds. By Sheridan Swanson. March 14, 2023

An FAQ on Californian’s Proposition 39 and How if Affects School Districts in on Education PDF
by Nick Marinovich, CABOC and Stephen Bacchetti.  October 12, 2021

Cashing in on Education PDF. BBrian Krans.  November 02, 2018.  California’s school bond system is dominated by wellfunded private interests and plagued by a lack of oversight.

Strategic Plan Presentation January 15, 2022



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