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Enhancing Proposition 39 Construction Bond Programs with CBOC Expenditure Reviews
Nov. 21, 2023

Stephen Sacchetti, Partner, Contract Compliance Assurance Services. Anton Jungherr, Co-Founder & Executive Director, California Association

Excerpt: Understanding California Proposition 39, its accountability requirements, and reporting best practices is essential to supporting successful bond program.

 Below (visit link) is an overview of Prop 39 and actionable steps to help citizens bond oversight committee (CBOC) members effectively review construction expenditures and contribute to program success. …

Common construction delivery methods include:
• Design-bid build.  Multiple prime.
Design build.  • Lease-leaseback contracts. …

To read the complete article visit:

Bond Oversight Committee Academy




Voters have approved $198.7 Billion Proposition 39 School Bonds.


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