Committee Operations

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Course Description

This course describes how to effectively conduct the CBOC meetings, including scheduling, agenda preparation, minutes, backup documents, and rules of procedures.


Introduction to Citizen’s Bond Oversight Committees Training. Video by Nick Marinovich

2021 Conference Presentations on YouTube — YouTube video needs to be edited for presentation
• Independent Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committees Presentation by Chris Hanson

2021 Conference Presentations on YouTube — YouTube video needs to be edited for presentation
  Committee Operations / CBOC Annual Report
presentation by Marcus Crawley

First Video of Rowland Unified Citizen’s Bond Oversight Committee

10.19.20 WCCUSD CBOC Meeting

Best Practices


FAQ 4. What are the major Constitutional Requirements of a Bond Oversight Committee?

FAQ 5. What are the major rules and requirements for a Bond Oversight Committee?

FAQ 6. What does a Citizen’s Bond Oversight Committee do?

FAQ 17. What are some examples of questions that should be asked by bond oversight members?

FAQ 19. What information should a new CBOC member get during the first three months of service?

FAQ 22. Should a CBOC take legal advice from the school district’s lawyer?

FAQ 24. If a Member Disagrees with a CBOC Action or a Report Submitted to the CBOC, what options does that Member have?

FAQ 26. If a district has more than one school construction bond, how many CBOCs should it have?

FAQ 29. How Are CBOC Agendas Set?

FAQ 33. What topics could be on the CBOC meeting agenda?

FAQ 41. What actions can a CBOC, or an individual CBOC member, take to inform stakeholders and the general public of potentially improper uses of school construction bond (SCB) funds or other questionable activities if the standard CBOC actions and reports do not produce the desired acceptable outcome?

FAQ 45. What are some red flags that the district does not want real oversight or lacks transparency?

FAQ 52. Does CABOC recommend that the CBOC turn over their responsibilities of setting their own agenda and preparing their own minutes?

FAQ 61.  Can CBOC bylaws modify CBOC member’s terms of office?

FAQ 62.  Are Specific Subcommittees Recommended for CBOCs?


Legal Resources

California Legislative Information:



Citizen Oversight of Public School Construction Programs

Roberts Rules of Order Online

Roberts Rule of Order – to purchase on Amazon

Rosenberg’s Rules of Order PDF

Best Practices Bond Oversight Committees




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