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Course Description

This course describes the purpose of bylaws to provide rules for the CBOC internal operations that include topics such as officers, agenda-setting process, meeting schedule, subcommittees, and conduct of meetings.  Also discussed will be the importance of an independent CBOC adopting its bylaws and not governing board dictated “bylaws.”


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Best Practices
CBOC Bylaw templates

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FAQ 12. Can a School District dictate the Bylaws of a Bond Oversight Committee?


FAQ 36. Should the CBOC have Bylaws? How should they work? 


FAQ 47. What is the process for removal of a CBOC member who no longer meets the requirements for which they were appointed, for instance, no longer a taxpayer representative?
How about if you are a CBOC member (parent of a child in the District) and your child has just graduated?


FAQ 51. If members miss excessive meetings, who is responsible for securing replacements? assuming that there are standards in the bylaws indicating when members become “inactive” due to excessive absences?

FAQ 73. Alternate CBOC Members? 


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